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by Kudzai Chinoda - Friday, 8 September 2017, 10:20 AM


It is estimated that the cost of cyber security will be over 2 trillion dollars by 2019. Criminals now regularly exploit the Internet to commit a wide range of offences. The market provided by online services is enormous.  Facebook announced in April 2017 that they have more than 2 billion regular users.

It is therefore important that investigators are trained in the techniques used by cyber criminals. It is also important that investigators know how to obtain information from the vast resource that forms the Internet and the World Wide Web.

UNODC through The Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Southern Africa (ARINSA) recently held a workshop in Windhoek, Namibia on Open-source investigations and cyber-crime. The workshop was attended by FIU analysts, investigators and prosecutors from the Southern and Eastern African region.

During the course of the workshop the participants were introduced to cyber-crime, how to investigate web-sites and social media and using open-source resources to conduct investigations.

The participants were online for the whole of the workshop and were also taken on a tour of the dark-web an area of the Internet that has become notorious for criminal activity.

The participants developed skills that will enable them to conduct some investigations from their desks providing a cost effective method of tracing criminal activity and the proceeds of crime.


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